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What Does Your Front Door Say About You?

What is your favorite thing about car rides? Mine is looking at all the houses passing by. Every house is like a person.. you could be in a neighborhood of houses that look all the same, yet there will always be something different about each one. The personality of each house intrigues me to the fullest. I always think that how you present your house or even just your front porch or door is a representation of you.

I love a house that decorates their porch to match each season. I get so excited when each season or holiday comes so I can redecorate my door and porch! Now the cleanliness of it will only last for an hour due to make kids becoming tornados every 5 minutes but that just means I get to do it all over again!

I love me a good welcome doormat. Especially funny ones! Now this is not one of my Amazon find but a good Target one. This is my first post on LikeToKnowIt so don‘t go to hard on me now! I got both the plaid ”undermat” and doormat there. Super affordable and honestly this is a good one for the entire season of Fall and all the way until Christmas because doesn’t pie just remind you of all things Fall and Christmas?! Best bang for your buck! —> http://liketk.it/2Yo9j

Before you laugh at my plant holder... I L O V E this thing! It has followed me around every place I have lived since I was 18. It is the definition of basic and seriously goes with every single crazy decor I have going on. I have used it for decoration all the way to holding my basil plants in my garden in the summer time. You really just can not go wrong with this one. It has done me so good. It is a oldie so I found a similar one on Amazon. —> https://amzn.to/34G75gF

I dream of being as good as those women you see on Pinteres, but all it takes is practice and the talent of seeing a picture in your head and creating that! Looking forward to sharing all those silly photos in my head with you all! This journey has only just begun!

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